Critical Ideas And Strategies That Many Successful Property Owners And Developers Use

Discover Things Your Accountant May Not Have Told You About Investing in Property. Structuring, Deductions, GST and Tips and Warnings. We have it covered.

Structure Your Portfolio

Structuring is so important. It can mean tax savings in the tens to hundreds of thousands. Discover how structuring can be done for your portfolio or if investing with others.

Minimize your Taxes

Noone likes to pay more tax than is necessary. Find out what you can claim, what you can't and what tips and tricks are available.

GST and Property

Learn some of the ways that GST can apply to property and the complex issues it presents to property owners and developers.


Things Your Accountant Never Told You About Investing in Property

We have published a book to help you through the complex maze of tax and how it relates to property.

You are really excited to purchase that new property or undertake your first development but have you considered your short, medium and long term plans ?

Has asset protection and tax structuring been considered from the beginning.

We help you get things right from the beginning so you dont end up spending a fortune later on to try and fix things which could have been setup properly at the outset.

Find Out Why a Company May Not be the Worst Structure for Your Investment Property