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We are based in Melbourne and as a property tax accountant we understand that choosing the right accountant to work together with you as you build and grow your business isn’t easy.

Most business owners who come to us have an interest in structuring their business correctly for asset protection and tax purposes. Many then use the wealth from their business to grow a property portfolio. Some even take that extra step and move into property development. Its an exciting yet risky time.

At Property Tax Solutions it’s more than just punching in the numbers and doing the basic compliance work. Of course, that in itself is extremely important as you don’t want the ATO to audit your business and find out there are issues later on. But a bigger part of the picture is taking a wholistic approach to your affairs.

For the individual its maximising your claims where possible, getting structures right if you decide you want to move a property to an SMSF later on. A bit of tax planning before the year ends and discussing your returns after they are done and improving things where possible. And of course help along the way. We all have questions along the property investing journey.

For small business owners the demand is increasing for someone:

  • who helps them plan for tax;
  • minimise taxes legally as much possible;
  • protects their hard earned assets;
  • help grow their business;
  • assist with marketing their businesses to build the lifestyle that having your own small business can truly provide.
  • Then use that wealth to grow a property portfolio as an additional income stream.

Although located in Melbourne we have clients across Australia and around the world. Some we have never met in person. Technology means distance is no longer an issue.


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