Property Investment Accountant Specialising in Investment Property Owners and Property Developers

I am a Property Accountant that Helps Property Developers and Investors with Smart Tax Strategies, Asset Protection and Making the Complex , Simple.


We are property accountants based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne that specialise in assisting people who love property.

Many of our clients own small businesses and invest their profits into property.  Others are property developers ranging from the small or even first time developer through to large scale developers.  And finally we have clients just starting out on their property journey.

Although we are based in Melbourne we have clients right across Australia and a few living overseas.  

Learn more about how a Property Accountant can assist you in your journey.

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Property Investment Accountant

Property Focused

We are property accountants who specialise in property investors and property developers and the many tax, asset protection, structuring and estate planning issues they encounter every day.

Fixed Fees

Your fees are fixed so you know what the cost of doing your work is from the start and so there are no nasty surprises.

Qualified Staff

Our staff are fully qualified accountants. Michael Armstrong our director holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Commerce, Master of Tax and Diploma of Financial Planning

Our Memberships

We are proud to be members of a number of bodies that ensure that not only that the advice you receive is up to date but that we also ensure that we adhere to professional obligations that are a requirement for membership. Make sure your investment property tax agent is a Registered Tax Agent

01. Property Developers

Developments require careful planning.  Taxes are a critical part.  Asset Protection from one deal to the next.  Division 7a.

The concept of bucket companies and using them as “banks”.  Unit trusts and potential stamp duty savings on transfer.  

A property tax accountant will understand the myriad of issues facing property developers and ways to minimise your tax and ultimately your return on investment.

As a property developer , or even an first time developers doing a knockdown and build of two duplexes, you can be hit with a tax burden if it is structured poorly.

02. Small Business Owners

Run your own small business ?  Make sure your investment assets are protected from your business assets and business risk.

Individual names ? Trusts ? Companies ? Gift or loan back strategies ?  Flowing profits from a profitable trust to a loss trust.

03. Property Investors

Are your loans structured correctly ?  Are you missing out on valuable tax deductions due to things being poorly setup.  

Talk to a property accountant to make sure you build your wealth through property but also minimise your tax position along the way.

We are investment property specialists.  So we deal with this every single day.

If you have a property investment portfolio then please give us a call so we can maximise your deductions, minimise your tax and help structure future acquisitions the right way.

Property Investment
Are you a property investor, small business owner or Property Developer looking for a Property Investment Accountant ?

Over 160 Pages from a Property Accountant with a Masters of Tax sharing Ideas and Strategies that Many Successful Property Owners and Developers Use to Build Their Portfolios, Protect Their Assets and Minimise Their Taxes

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Accountants Specialising in small to medium business owners focusing on property developers and property investors

Why is a Property Tax Specialist different to any other accountant ?

It’s a valid question and one we are commonly asked.

Aren’t all accountants the same.  The main difference is that we live and breathe property.

A Property Tax Specialist will have clients who are investment property owners or who are property developers.
It is critical they keep up to date with legislative changes in the property tax area so that clients maximise their opportunities or minimise their risks during an audit.

Property investment specialists have the majority of their client base dealing with Property Development and Investment Property Tax Issues on a daily basis.

Many accountants are great for small to medium businesses but can be lacking when it comes to Property Investment and Property Development Accounting and Tax Issues.

Property tax accounting can be extremely complex. 

If you hold investment properties or have a property portfolio you want to ensure you want to ensure you are dealing with property tax specialists.

A Property Accountant isn’t just your ordinary accountant.  They truly specialise in property.

But with that comes many opportunities !!

Many people search for a property accountant near me.  It’s a common search phrase on Google but it doesn’t matter is you search for property accountants brisbane, investment property accountant brisbane as we believe that distance is no longer an issue.  COVID showed many of us that working from home and working online allows us to be anywhere.  

Areas that a Property Tax Specialist can assist with include

How Should I Structure my Property Development

Property Development Structuring – Ideas to Consider

What is the 6 year Rule and How Does it Apply to a Main Residence ?

6 Year Rule CGT 

What Happens When a Rental Property Becomes Your Main Residence ?

What Happens When a Rental Property Becomes Your Main Residence ? 

What is the Margin Scheme and How Can it Help Reduce the GST I have to Pay ?

GST – Margin Scheme – How Does it Work ?